Tuesday, October 2, 2007

La Nuit Blanche

It is a festival that celebrates performing arts, culture, art, architecture and cuisine in a night full of activities. Discovering art galleries, museums and unexpected places transformed by artists at night appealed to hundreds of Canadians who, on Saturday Sep 30, 2007, went to the streets to check the La Nuit Blanche event out.

The event's whole concept is great but the execution lacked in excitement. I went on discovering the Queen Street west area -Trinity Park, Mocca Art Gallery, etc. - and I was expecting to see a bit more. More night clubs and bars supporting the event, more performing artists, more architecture interaction, more. Having experienced different cultural manifestations in various countries, I must confess that I had higher expectations for this event. I was hoping to walk into a night club full of sleepless people like me, have a martini or a beer while enjoying a DJ playing and watch a performing artist dancing, all surrounded by a neon installation lighting the club's dance floor. Regardless of my frustrated expectations, the event was quite appealing to the majority of the public. Also, at least once a year, we have the opportunity to stay up all night in Toronto enjoying the city.
Despite lacking in enthusiasm, the event has proven that the city is hungry for different experiences and a more intense night life. The metropolis is definitely not sleeping at 2:00 am when the bar doors are being closed and hundreds of sleepless people are willing to enjoy the freedom of being alive.

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