Friday, October 5, 2007

Think Green

The winter has not yet started and I am already bored with this season's trends. Even though I have the motivation to start talking about Spring 08 after the amazing runway collections shown last month, I feel that I still need to cover some important winter trends such as the powerful green colour and the snake-inspired accessories.
I absolutely LOVE this Elle Sep shot that shows the richness of the green sweater and the serpent-inspired green accessories all surrounded by a natural background. It is also important to notice that the addition of the purple lipstick gives a fashionable spin to this trend composition.
I also like the black tights and woolly gloves in the Marni composition below.

The snake accessories trend was inspired by María Félix, a Mexican beauty who died in 2002. Her personal style combining eccentricity and luxury and her fascination for reptiles inspired many designers this Winter 08. From Cartier serpent-inspired jewelry line to Valentino shoes, the reptiles are a stylish choice to accessorize your outfit.

Source:life with Andre. Vogue issue Oct.
I believe that nature-inspired motifs and green colour will be in vogue for the next seasons. The world is starting to think about the environment and is starting to react to global warming issues. This change in behaviour will influence the fashion industry, it will reflect on the way we dress and on the materials we use to build garments. "Think green" is a new behaviour and a new culture that we need to embrace to live in a better world.

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