Friday, October 5, 2007

Decoration Challenge on a small budget

The inspiration: I got inspired by the composition below that works using the contrast of natural forms against a colourful background.

The challenge: freshen up the look of my bedroom by creating a focal point, on a small budget.
The solution: lend interest to the focal point wall by bringing colourful and creative frames that incorporate the floral theme of the bedroom and integrate the colour scheme.
How to: Choose two frames with a square shape. My suggestion is the low cost 50cmx50cm Ikea EDEN (1). Take the back wooden board that holds the frame and have it sprayed with the colour selected (2). Choose a picture or print that complements the theme of your room and have it printed in black and white. (3). Create a 12x12cm template to serve as a support for your picture by using a back coated foam (4). Stick the picture onto the foam and finally stick the template onto the center of the previously painted board.

Total cost: $102.98 for both frames vs. $129 each oil paint canvas at Ziggy's at home (inspiration frames)
-Ikea frames $39.99 each
-Spray paint: $5
-Black coated foam $8
-Prints $10
The result:

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