Thursday, October 11, 2007

Magic Pony

Art, fashion and design are concepts connected by its creative nature and whimsical characteristics.

In one of my searching trips I found this unique place at Queen St. West, called Magic Pony, a gallery, studio and retail space that mix art, design and fashion in an unique location. The assortment is quite impressive, and the art exhibitions give the place a gallery-appealing look. I also love their ad line, “a shop for creative animals”, reflecting the peculiarity of the products on display, Japanese inspired dolls, western figures, books, wooden little creatures, art, etc…
I was able to see Gary Taxali's solo showing - amazing pop artist. The upcoming event is the exhibition of Mega Mega Wibbied Mindthicket by Derric Hodgson and I am sure it is worth to check it out.
Magic Pony 694 Queen St West. Tel: 416.861.1684.

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Carol said...

Oi miga, te levei la quando fomos almocar com a Lucy e o Marcel no Terroni, lembra?? Beijos,