Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The artsy Playa del Carmen

The perfect vacation can be encompassed by a white sand beach, lots of sun, a few margaritas and an exquisite location. If you combine all of that with a hint of the Mexican flavor and two limes, you will get Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera.

In this trip I got a chance to experience not only a sunny escape but also to understand how the Mexican culture is translated into fashion and art.

It is quite impressive how the Mayan descendants blend different colours, materials and textures to create a unique look. The richness of the details are everywhere, from bags to mirrors, ceramics to tunics, space decor to tiles, all these elements combined reflect the Mexican character.
Look at the amazing tiles I got to use as coasters and the exclusive ceramic pieces.

It is also amazing how the Christian religion influences their culture. I found a super cool store called “Milagros” - miracles, where you can find frames, statues, crucifixes, rosaries and bags. A setting full of Christian related pieces. Tacky yet amazing.

In my opinion, what creates the Mexican flavor translated everywhere in the Mayan Riviera is the Spanish essence combined with religious belief, Mayan history, a splash of colour and tons of creativity. This combination creates a beautiful and joyful culture that is worth to visit.

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