Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Perception rules the world.
Perception of beauty, career and social status are the main players in today’s society.
I had never really thought about perception until I realized that if you do not have a formal, 9am to 5pm type of job that gives some kind of status you become nobody. It is quite impressive the change in values and moral behavior of today’s society. People will ask what you do first to then ask you who you are.

I quit my high status “retail buyer” job a couple of months ago and since then I started to write my own blog. It is amazing the wrong perception people have about blogs. In order to write a current and interesting content an extensive research, a lot of time and passion are required. Combining trend, fashion research and décor in my own personal way is something that inspires me everyday.

Despite ruling the world, perception should not rule your life.
Trust me. People do not know your aspirations, where you want to go, what you want to achieve. You are the result of your own choices, so choose whatever you want to be and follow your dreams. The success and recognition will come if you put your heart and soul into the life and project you choose to live.

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jodie said...

i like this post!