Friday, September 21, 2007

Objects of Desire

Isabella Blow, the eccentric British aristocrat, became a fashion icon after her suicide in May 2007. Blow was known by her unusual hats and quirk sense of style and left her contribution to the fashion world by discovering talents such as Alexander McQueen. She also launched numerous new looks and turned hats into objects of desire.
Blow’s eccentric accessories style influenced the Fall 07 collections and this influence will be also carried through to the next SP 08 season. We will find Blow’s influence in the plumes, feathers, quill hair decoration and numerous hats shown this season.

By acknowledging Isabella’s trend approach, the fashion world is paying a tribute to a fashion lover that dedicated her life to style and eccentricity. I believe she became a fashion icon and her style might inspire designers in the next seasons. I personally would not wear any kind of plumes or feathered hair decorations, I would stick with the amazing hat styles for the season.

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