Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joe amazingly fresh

While doing my groceries shopping at Loblaw’s I couldn’t help but noticing the amazing Joe Fresh winter clothing assortment. Joe Mimram, the mind behind Club Monaco and Caban, is translating the President’s Choice clothing line into a stylish and affordable collection. The line combines quality and low prices in a trendy collection all under $89 (including outwear jackets).
My favorite pieces of Joe’s assortment is the tulip babe doll jacket at $49, the green wool jacket at $59, the tuxedo babe doll top at $19, the swing sweater at $59, the bow tie blouse at $29 and the Hepburn coat at $89.
My dear reader, to be stylish on a budget you will have to learn how to mix and match expensive clothes with affordable pieces to create your own and unique look. Check out my suggestions on how to create an outfit using Joe Fresh’s collection that will look like you have spent a fortune. Let me know what your favorite pieces are.

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