Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Wasting of Winehouse"

"The wasting of Winehouse" was the title of the article posted by Ben Rayneris for the Toronto Star, Sunday July 24th and it summarizes the short and in many ways dramatic path of Amy Winehouse, a talented singer that created a new style of music combining blues, jazz & R&B. Now, as we know, the music industry will leverage to sell CDs and make money out of her passing so before you listen anywhere else, I would like to share here some songs of her album "Frank" that was only released in Europe and it is yet another great piece of her work.
"What is It About Men" Frank CD

The Frank CD...

Amei o título que o jornalista do jornal Toronto Star, Ben Rayner, usou para descrever a morte da cantora Amy Winehouse, o 'desperdício de Winehouse". Amy criou um estilo próprio misturando blues, jazz e R&B. Não sei se vocês conhecem o álbum "Frank" - primeiro de Amy - que só foi lançado na Europa e que é ótimo. Vá em paz Amy!!!

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