Monday, July 18, 2011

Store of the week: Shopgirls in Parkdale

Michelle Germain, store owner once comment that "everything here is a piece of art" and she is absolutely right, Shopgirls is a unique store located in Parkdale that gathers multiple concepts, from art gallery, to furniture, accessories and clothing store promoting Canadian designers. You should check it out at
Store picks: I love the mini-beret, the fringe woll necklace and Melissa Nepton's white lace dress
Just adorable, we can all play Kate Middleton now.
How cute is this fringe wool necklace for $75. The pop colours will make a great look with a plain white t-shirt.Melissa Nepton's white lace dress is a classy summer choice. Love it!
Spotted trends: lace, fringe accessories, head accessories, well structured boyfriend blazers, yoga branded jeans, bright coloured dresses.

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