Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ronaldo Fraga translate Sao Francisco River in a great exhibition

The Ronaldo Fraga exhibition based on the Sao Francisco River is nearly genius. Fraga is a well-known Brazilian designer that traveled the Sao Francisco River to get inspiration for his summer 09 collection. The culture of the people that live by the river is so diverse that he was able to put together not only an imaginative collection but also a great exhibition.
The collection was based on the colours of the river and its surroundings, by the local hand-crafted embroideries, by the texture of the coffee sacs, by the wood of modest boats, by the net of the fisherman and so on.
The exhibition shows the way the community lives within the river margins, their faith, and their costumes. You must check it out. It can be seen until June 26th 2011 at Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, Ibirapuera’s park. http://saofranciscoronaldofraga.com.br

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