Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ronaldo Fraga Summer 2012 at SPFW

Ronaldo Fraga is one of my favorite Brazilian designers. He was the last designer to showcase his collection at Sao Paulo Fashion Week yesterday and the whole show was a gift to the audience. His collection was inspired on Noel Rosa, a famous Brazilian ‘samba’ singer and also he based his outfits on the columbines, pierrots and marines costumes of the carnival balls of the 1935. The old glamour of that era was brought back by the choice of colour Fraga showed in the runway with outfits only in black and white. The ambience of the carnival balls was recreated by Noel Rosa’s cover singer and by the confetti on the floor of the runway.
The prints and patterns displayed columbines & pierrots drawings and they were inspired by art deco designs. The Polish prostitutes fashion outfits inspired the sheer pieces. What I like about his work is the depth of his research. I am sorry but I posted a little Portuguese summary of Fraga's collection....

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