Friday, February 29, 2008

What's inspiring me these days.....

I am absolutely inspired by Andy Warhol’s '60s pop muse girl Edie Sedgwick.
Edie’s hip chic look, free-spirited attitude and authenticity created the effortless yet edgy style she was known for. Her short platinum hair and dark-lined eyes matched up with the ballet-inspired look that had an influence on the style of that era. Edie paired-up tights and leotards with everything - from shirts to dresses - to create her own look. I also love her animal-printed fur coats choices and the big sized earrings and accessories.
According to Siena Miller (who played Sedgwick in the movie Factory Girl), "Edie used to do this jazz ballet. Every day she'd put on her tights and her leotard and she'd dance around her apartment. She was too lazy to change so she'd put a big coat on over that and go out, so everybody started to copy this look."

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