Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Couromoda 2008 - Brazilian Footwear Trade Show

I had the chance to go to Couromodas, the biggest Brazilian Footwear tradeshow, that happened this past January 2008. Couromoda showcased not only a range of winter trends but also summer flats, gladiator sandals and platform sandals. The trends seen in Brazil were tailored to the sassy spirit, easy going lifestyle and warm weather but it can also be used as a font of inspiration to the coming spring season in North America.
I was also impressed with the luxury of the booths. The investment amazed even a regular footwear buyer like me. The booths carried lounge areas, funky designs with material-related applications (Melissa used plastic straps, the primary material of their shoes, as a source of decoration) and innovative ways of showcasing the product (with mannequins coming out of the walls).In order to get Brazilian footwear economy back on track, hurt by China imports, they had to invest in markets such as Europe and Middle East. While I was waiting in line to visit the most important booths I saw many Iraq and Italian-based buyers. Also, Brazilian internal economy is booming and the national sales have never been better. In order to survive the competitive marketplace, Brazilians are developing their own design identity. Based on that, I would recommend checking out the next Couromodas. www.couromoda.com.
Trends seen at Couromodas:
- Stone Embellished
Stones appliqués were everywhere, flats got embellished with rhinestones, sandals had coloured stones details and diamanté heels showed a sexy twist.-Mixed Materials
I absolutely loved the mix of materials seen at the trade show. Metallic paired up with snakeskin, python-inspired metallic sandals, plastic sandals with metallic appliqués, patent leather combined with suede and metallic trims and leather matched up with plastics.I could not resist and bought myself a pair of these gorgeous flats by Cris Bronzato (Lou Loux) that showcase a combination of materials and colours.-Novelty Prints a la “Lolita”: with smack-inspired prints and heart-shaped straps in shoes and accessories.-Colour Craze: Bright colours is the must have of the season everywhereBrands worth to check it out:
-Arezzo: www.arezzo.com.br
-Grendene: www.melissa.com.br
-Schutz: www.schutz.com.br
-LouLoux: www.louloux.com.br
-Para Raio: www.pararaio.com
-Claudina: www.claudina.com.br
-Dumond: www.dumond.com.br

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