Wednesday, February 20, 2008

São Paulo Fashion Week News

This year, São Paulo Fashion Week presented not only a creative and high-quality winter collection but also showcased a new market scenario. Enzo Monzani and Conrado Will, investors of a private equity company, purchased some of the most important Brazilian brands, creating a single holding company called HLDC. Alexandre Herchcovitch, Fausen Haten, Cumplice and Chocolate were acquired by the group early this year with the intention of improving the clothing quality and design by investing the resources in technology and research. The investment is intended to increase the piece of the internal market share owned by the new holding since in 2008 the company is expecting to have $150 million dollars in revenue. Since the Brazilian internal economy is growing at a fast pace, a $28 billion dollar market in 2007 with a 16.5% increase from 2006, the company believes that unifying strong brands under a single umbrella should decrease costs and free the designers to focus solely on their own collection. Apart from the internal market, HLDC is also aiming to get international exposure, a market poorly explored by Brazilian designers. HLDC was already owner of other important Brazilian brands such as Zoomp and Zapping.
Picture from Veja 2045 edition, Jan 30. 08

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