Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So long Dame Liz Taylor

The Dame Elizabeth Taylor, owner one of the most beautiful violet eyes, a voluptuous neckline, and a huge collection of jewelry, passed away past Monday morning. Elizabeth was known for her dramatic personal life, her eight marriages, extensive media exposure and a love for grandiose jewelry.
One of my favorite pictures of Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Avedon, 1964

Picture is the cover of her jewelry book

"Big girls need big diamonds"
Elizabeth Taylor


The most famous of all her husband's was the actor Richard Burton, the love of her life who she married twice.

"What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?"
Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

She wasn't a fashion icon, however she went to the fashion spotlight with the strapless white gown covered in daisies Edith Head designed for Taylor in 1951's in A Place in the Sun.

Her wardrobe also became very popular in a Hot Tin Roof where she wore a white dress that was licensed by its costume designer, Helen Rose.
In the movie Cleopatra,

So long Dame Liz Taylor!!!

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