Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tom Ford S11 Womenswear Collection

Tom Ford is a “genius of marketing” and he manage his career as well and as inventive as Madonna or Lady Gaga. Ford launched his S11 debut womenwear collection in a private show to a selected audience and limited press. The only photographer allowed was Terry Richardson – a very contradictory photographer. Celebrity friends such as Julianne Moore, Beyonce and Dauphne Guinness were chosen to model, creating an intimate event, almost a party. How many times do we get to see Beyonce on the runway?
In using a very smart marketing strategy, going in the opposite direction of every fashion house - that broadcast live the runway shows, Ford created a big buzz in the industry. Well know for making women sexy, he brought to the show a beautiful collection that mixed sexy clothes with 70’s lux with sumptuous leather, leopard prints, sequins.
Even though Ford S11 collection is almost old news now, I still had to share my love for Ford here.

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