Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Costa Blanca X

Costa Blanca had launched a new concept chain called Costa Blanca X. The new concept store brings the latest trends in purses, shoes, boots, jewelry and other accessories. The store set up is completely different from the Costa Blanca clothing store layout, the white walls showcase the must have items of the season in a more upscale and refined concept at a much higher price point. It seems that Costa Blanca is trying to reposition the brand by opening a new store chain, however the disconnection in the price points might get the costumer confused.
As a former buyer I understand why Costa Blanca is trying to reposition the brand by aiming at a more profitable business model at higher price points, but as a consumer I couldn't care less about their revenue. I expect to find at Costa Blanca X an affordable trendy line that matches the brand’s perception. I find quite interesting that the chain opted to expand the brand (Costa Blanca X) instead of creating a new and fresh

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