Monday, July 23, 2007

Finding Treasures in Southern Ontario

I have to confess my weakness for antique objects. Not that I only own antique pieces, but I like the idea of mixing old with new to create a unique look. Eager to find an antique chair for my living room, I went hunting for antiques in a region called “Hills of Headwaters” in Southern Ontario. The area is only 45 minutes away from Toronto and has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, with great places to eat, amazing hotels and innumerous antique markets. A combination of all the elements I needed to convince my husband to do a day trip to the region.
In looking for my “perfect” chair, I found this lovely shop called Inglewood Antique Market. The store has been in that area for over 14 years, it is a multi dealer shop where you will find a variety of products, from furniture to doors, windows lighting, frames, china, vintage clothing and jewelry. Besides the great assortment, the owners, Annette and Phil Turturici are willing to help you not only to find the treasure you are looking for in their store but also help you find the gems of the region.
They sent me to the Millcroft Inn Spa, a historic Mill that produced wool during World War I. The place was renovated throughout the years but its historical characteristics were kept giving a charming atmosphere to the building. Soon I realized that for the perfect afternoon, I was missing a glass of wine on the Mill’s Patio overlooking the Credit River.

Close to the Millcroft Inn, I also discovered an Old Whisky Mill, a beautiful place, divided into small studios where local artisans display their talent, the Alton Mills share the same concept of the Toronto Distillery but the renovation is not completed yet.
Unfortunately I could not find the chair I was looking for (something similar to the green model shown in but I was able to understand my love for antiques. Like in fashion, by mixing different styles, prints, layering textures and adding unique accessories you can create an eclectic look that brings personality to the way you dress.
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